resample, resize – resample a picture

resample [ –x size ] [ –y size ] [ file ]
resize [ –x size ] [ –y size ] [ file ]

Resample and Resize resamples its input image (default standard input) to a new size. Resample uses a Kaiser window which produces high quality results and resize uses bilinear interpolation which is faster but produces more fuzzy images.

The size of the resampled image can be specified with the –x and –y options. An unadorned value sets the number of pixels of that dimension; a suffixed percent sign specifies a percentage. If only one of –x or –y is given, the other dimension is scaled to preserve the aspect ratio of the original image. Thus, –x50% will reduce the image to half its original dimension in both x and y.

The input should be a Plan 9 image as described in image(6), and the output will be a compressed 24–bit r8g8b8 image. To uncompress the image or change the pixel format, use iconv (see crop(1)).


crop(1), image(6)