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Despite of several unsuccessful attempts in the past this is still our primary goal.

Our physical storage space is allready exhausted for some time and the demolition excavators are feeding the last corners of the old industry. Allready for years we are searching for a possibility to present interested people a insight in the technical equipment of the past.

As long as this referes to photos and pieces of text, the www is a nearly unbeatable platform for presentation. If you want in contrast to that hear the computer working, smell the warm dust in the monitor and get explained the machine by a informed person (and perhaps write and run your own programm on it), you need a REAL ROOM for it.

Early in December 2006, a possibility occured to rent adequate rooms in Halle for capable costs. The building former belonged to a factory for paint in the Merseburger street in Halle, which had been unused for years. The considered room was about 250qm with the necessoury load capacity for the heavy aggragates and with nice big windows. Beside the discussion with the administrations of the building we adapted a arrangement suggestion for the room.

the exhibition


Planed is a exhibition for computers, technique, industry and the influence of them in the everyday life with a focus on the computers.

The exhibits will be roughly arranged in groups for office hardware, workstations, small computers, mainframes, microelectronic and some others. The visitor should be able to get a preferably authentic picture of the exhibits in their original environment. This shall substitute the typical character of an exhibition with glass vitrines and red seperation ribbons. The machines shall be visible as entire places of work from the adequate era. Some inconsistencies we will not be able to clear because of the fact that today time credentials have become slightly rare.


Beside the machines, which we want exhibit in a operable state, there will be a lot of wallboards, shematics and historical documentation where the visitor can find lots of information about the exhibits and about a insight into the everyday life of the users.


Because the majority of us is still studiing or in apprenticeship, the little amount of money (from which now the majority got out for transports) keeps us from making big steps. We would be thankful for:

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